this blog is not dead, it’s just resting

Dear Blog,

This is hard, but –

I owe you an apology.

I’ve neglected you, I know.

I haven’t fed you for too long. I’ve failed to clean out your litter tray.

There’s a pile of droppings sedimented in your hypertext and a weird meaty smell coming from your analytics.

But I want you to know –

I’m thinking of you.

And yeah, I know what it looks like. That I’ve forgotten. That I’ve opted out.

That I’ve turned my attention to more adorable things, to Twitter, lo-mo filters named ‘Walden’ and (yes, I’m sorry!) Pinterest. That I’ve unLiked you. That I’ve de-linked you.

I fear I have treated you like a tamagotchi.

But honestly –

I miss you.

Will you take me back? Can we reset?

Here is a photo of a llama,



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