well that’s a bit personal

I signed up for LivingSocial a while ago thinking I’d get maybe a few discount vouchers.

I didn’t think I’d get, um, free psychoanalysis.

Feels a little presumptuous, but hey, I suppose it’s at least a different way to market spa treatments.

Why not unclog your pores AND your mother issues?

Just goes to show the power of honesty, even when it’s all a bit TMI, to cut through all the marketing bullshit.

Honest ads, eh? Now THAT’s an interesting thought.

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4 thoughts on “well that’s a bit personal

  1. I do find the level of targeted advertising that we have seen with website tracking to be really interesting. Like how on Facebook or in Gmail the ads are based on the type of websites you frequently visit.
    It’s kind of like how at the supermarket you get coupons at checkout based on what you buy. I wonder why I always get coupons for protein shakes targeted at elderly people?

  2. Which supermarkets Robin?? They don’t do that here… that sounds like an awesome idea!!… so like say you buy a pack of cookies you get a coupon for milk? that kind of thing? (and protein shake coupons if you are buying a lot of healthy vegan stuff perhaps??)
    ps. apologies for longest replying time ever… I’m going for the world record 🙂

  3. Hi Deborah,

    You wrote beautifully in high school and I hope you continue to write for the pleasure of writing rather than to make others rich. I hope you get published one day. Don’t let your talent go to waste.

    Warmest regards,

  4. Hi Jia, lovely to hear from you! What are you up to these days?

    Your comment made me laugh because I’m certainly not making myself or anyone else rich at the moment!… and no-one I know working in advertising is motivated by that (if they did, they’d all be management consultants, or law firm partners.)

    I actually don’t reckon the line between commercial and non-commercial writing (or other communication) is that clear cut… though mind you, by “writing” i don’t really mean stuff like this Living Social email. But there’s plenty of stuff out there that makes me swoon, and if in between being beautiful or human or true or funny it’s trying to sell me a tv or soft drink or a bottle of beer, well that’s fine too.

    all the best Jia,


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