terracotta warriors at Flower Power Castle Hill

Terracotta Warriors. Xi'an, China. c210 BC

A convergence.

Backyard warriors. Flower Power, Sydney. c.2010 AD.

(In the spirit of Lawrence Wechsler’s Everything that Rises and the associated McSweeney’s convergences collection, which, incidentally, I’ve decided is the best thing since – well – anything strikingly, curiously and thought-provokingly similar.)

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3 thoughts on “terracotta warriors at Flower Power Castle Hill

    1. Margie!! Hello! Nup, I missed the AGNSW exhibit, but did see the warriors in situ in Xi’an in 2009… and totally agree: incredible!! Incredible that they were preserved, and incredible that they had the technology to craft them in the first place. Have you see Lawrence Wechsler’s ‘Convergences’ book and website??? it’s full of stuff like this. More importantly, how and where are you??? it’s so lovely to hear from you!!

      1. I can’t believe you’ve actually seen them! At the art gallery they had a video playing that showed the site and the thousands of statues. I really want to go there! I’ll definitely check out the book and website as well.

        Life on my end’s been pretty good- the usual work, life and shoop-shoop. I’m enjoying it 🙂 Although I keep having minor career crises every so often- I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do! I saw on fb that you’re living in Melbourne now– my boyfriend lives there and I fly down pretty regularly. We should catch up if you’re free!! Whereabouts are you in Melbourne?

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