lunch, in cross-section

I am a serious fan of a good sandwich, so perhaps am a little bit biased, but this is truly beautiful.

It’s called Scanwiches, and the name really says it all.

Such a simple & humble idea.

Who knew mung beans could be so poignant?

I especially love the opening of this LA Times article about the site’s creator (a NY graphic designer who goes by the wonderfully onomatopoeic name of Jon Chonko):

Jon Chonko looks at sandwiches the way a dendrologist might look at tree rings…


There is something touching about the way technology can help reveal the strangeness and complexity of the most prosaic things.

Personally, I will never look at my standard tuna-and-zucchini sanger in quite the same way again.

2 thoughts on “lunch, in cross-section

  1. Robin that’s awesome! And probably enough to put me off vegetables too… it’s weird how everything is so symmetrical and alien inside, once you get beneath the rind / skin etc.
    Another one in the genre of ordinary-things-looked-at-in-a-strange-way:

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