a beautiful paradox…

… to add to the collection of nostalgia 2.0.

I love this.

It’s like the most impossibly incompatible ideas pulled together into a single item of furniture.

Wood carving and computer casing.

A writing desk and a keyboard.

Curlicued lathe-scrolled feet with blankly modernist right angles.

And then, like the head balanced on top of it all: an impermeable, unpluggable flat black screen. (Unclear to me whether it is capable of displaying anything, or whether it exists simply to announce its own uselessness.)

‘Dear Diary, a laser-cut wooden artwork’ by Marlies Romberg.

What a strange thing for a tree to end up becoming.


4 thoughts on “a beautiful paradox…

  1. I’ve had a dream for ages to create a faux retro mobile phone where instead of the keypad it’s one of those old dials that you have to turn (and you can use it for an SMS too!) — this seems the perfect companion piece.

  2. That’s an awesome idea, love it!
    I just did a search and (inevitably) you can get an Iphone rotary telephone dialing app “offering realistic sound and dialing behaviour” on your touchscreen: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/steampunk-rotary-dial/id316967667?mt=8
    It’d be different though, I reckon. The thing with rotary dials is that you’re mechanically engaging with the machine. You can hear the gears ticking over as you turn. Every number you dial is an kind of investment of energy. It makes me wonder whether you’d think more about why exactly you’re making a phone call, on a rotary phone. You’d have that time while you’re dialing to gather your thoughts. The process is less easy but so much more deliberate, and I reckon deliberation generally is something we kind of miss with lots of new technology…

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