selling peace

Love it when grizzled, cynical ad people prove themselves to be… well, less grizzled and cynical than they appear.

Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv have created a contest titled ‘The Impossible Brief‘: “calling out to leading creative minds, challenging them to think ‘out of the box’ and solve the unsolvable.”

Basically, it’s a contest asking ad creatives – not politicians – for ideas that might help bring an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Arguably, it’s so naive it’s laughable – but then, naivety is just what is lacking, surely, in politics generally, no?

My favourite idea posted on the Facebook page so far: “Organize a huge blood transfusion operation between volunteers of both countries. Just hoping that there will be a lot of volunteers, Will you still kill someone who’s got your people’s blood inside him?”

Well, ‘spose I probably wouldn’t, no.

Like Robin of Shoreditch, it’s a nice instance of adworld selling something that actually matters.

I hope it’s not as impossible as it claims to be.

And kol hakavod, as they say.

3 thoughts on “selling peace

  1. Hmm the blood idea gets a bit close to Jon Safran’s Jelistinian idea when he was at the sperm bank on the West Bank.

    Not that I don’t appreciate the originality or the envelope pushing, but I do think there may be simple ways to bring peace that are overlooked.

  2. You mean simple ways not involving bodily fluids?… 🙂 But I agree, it does all feel a bit eugenic really as a solution…

    What i find really interesting about the whole contest is that the prize on offer is a trip to the Cannes Advertising Festival next year. When surely it ought to be a trip to Hebron…

    The contest is totally, unashamedly about promoting peace in the name of self-interest. Which maybe is the way to go? Just admit that we’re all driven primarily by ego, not philanthropy.

    It’s not very lofty, and maybe a bit narkily social-darwinist, but maybe it’s true.

    It’ll definitely make me enter.

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