channukah and the hybrid vehicle

Random thought:

(Perhaps especially random given a) it is July, whereas Channukah – the Jewish ‘Festival of Lights’ – is in December, and 2) i currently don’t drive any car, let alone a hybrid vehicle.)

But i’ve been thinking about fuel economy, particularly with respect to cars and more broadly, the eco-moment that we all seem to be going through right now, and I’ve realised that there is something utterly ancient about much of the rhetoric coming from car companies about fuel economy.

Compare, for example, the latest marketing material for the new Ford Fusion Hybrid:

“…imagine getting 41 miles per gallon and being able to travel over 700 miles on a single tank of gas – in city traffic. No compromise – expect nothing less in a Ford Fusion.”

versus a twelfth-century passage from the Jewish sage Maimonides (Rambam), describing the miracle of Channukah:

“…They entered the Sanctuary and found only one jar of ritually pure oil that was sufficient to burn only for one day; but they lit the lights of the Menorah from it for eight days…” (Hilchot Chanukah,Chapter 3)

Seems there’s something timelessly sticky about the idea you can get a lot of energy from a little bit of fuel.

That something can be tiny, but mighty. Puny but potent. And more than meets the eye.

It’s just a little fragment of a thought at the moment…

But Channukah and hybrid vehicles: surely there’s a bigger idea (or hey, at least a sales promo) hidden in this somewhere…

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One thought on “channukah and the hybrid vehicle

  1. Since Channukah has become much like commercialized Christmas (at least in America) I see no reason why this could not be extending to getting Jews to buy “green” cars. Brilliant Deb. πŸ™‚

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