starbucks = evil?

Oooh. Another exciting piece of webcandy.

Brand-tags is a brilliantly simple experiment in branding and psychology.

On entering the site, you’re greeted with a logo and asked to respond with a word or very short phrase that you associate with the corresponding brand. That’s the research bit.

The results bit is where it gets interesting. You can view all the “tags” that people have given a brand in a big infographic tag cloud. Select ‘Starbucks’ and you get everything from ‘burnt’ to ‘cheesecake danish,’ ‘social’ to ‘evil.’

Of course, the site is premised upon the assumption that users accurately report their feelings about a brand. I suppose it draws in that respect from Freudian theories about free association – that there’s something profoundly revealing about split-second verbal responses to a stimulus.

I don’t know enough about psychology to know whether that’s a valid assumption to make, or not.

But it’s refreshing, and exciting, to play for a bit in this murky ground between the emotional and the rational.

More on the clever guy behind it all here.


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