colour and enchantment

‘The joy of colour’ is a theme (meme?) that’s pretty familiar as a strategy for selling stuff.

It worked pretty beautifully for Sony Bravia, for one – all those beautiful TV ads: ‘Balls’, ‘Rabbits’, ‘Paint’.

So literally – if you’ll excuse the double negative – it’s not exactly something we’ve never seen before.

But there’s something so inexhaustible about it, as two recent campaigns demonstrate:

Case 1. Dulux ‘Let’s Colour Project’

“… a worldwide initiative to transform grey spaces with vibrant colour, working together with local communities across the globe, with workers rolling up our sleeves to paint streets, houses, schools and squares.” Like, train stations in Paris. School playgrounds in London.  You gotta watch the clips. So simple and communal and joyous that it makes me swoon.

Case 2. ‘Paint with Ben’

“What is the color of home, of time, of summer? Find out on this microsite for Benjamin Moore Paints.” Basically, it’s a collaborative experiment in synaesthesia – the psychological association of colour with certain words, sounds or sensations. Pick a word, pick a colour, add a story… and somehow basic wall paint becomes something more.

Two simple ideas… two profound acts of enchantment.

I don’t wish to be banal: but wow, colour is powerful.

Somehow, it speaks directly to the little kid inside every adult… that kid sitting on the floor, surrounded by a big box of crayons and the even bigger world.

3 thoughts on “colour and enchantment

  1. And another, filed under ‘weirder instances of brand extension’: the Pantone Hotel in Brussels, Belgium:
    Bizarre how they’ve tried to extend what is basically a graphic and product designer’s brand into the realm of living spaces…. it seems like this idea would work wonderfully for dulux, by contrast, but pantone is a bit of a stretch because it’s not so closely associated with interior design.

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