a little knowledge

Today I discovered whereismymilkfrom.com.

You input the coded numbers printed on your milk/yoghurt/cheese, and it tells you where, precisely, it comes from – down to the specific dairy processing plant that packaged it. (More details here).

Even though it doesn’t work for Australian brands of milk, I spent a good half hour playing with it. It’s a revelation for me.

Because it demonstrates something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and that’s how a little knowledge, made relevant to your real life, is sometimes the most fascinating thing in the world.

Forget humour. Forget pathos. Forget all the super-duper expensive ad campaigns you can throw at a product.

Just tell me something meaningful about that product that I don’t yet know – tell me something I don’t even know I don’t know – and I’m hooked.

Maybe it’s symptom of living in the google age, but real relevant knowledge – as opposed to the kind of meaningless, trivial information that we’re all adrift in – is weirdly addictive stuff.

I don’t know what to do with this perhaps-obvious epiphany, but I’m vowing now, here, to remember it good.


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