‘Robin of Shoreditch’ is a group of super mysterious anonymous British creatives with an awesome idea to help the Haiti relief effort.

Each week, they post a new creative idea for a top 100 brand (Nike, McDonalds, Coke) on a Vimeo site. In return, they’ll be asking that brand for 1/10,000,000 of its value as a fee. All the proceeds will then be donated to Haitian relief efforts.

I’m not sure about the analogy with Robin Hood (the whole theft metaphor seems like a bit of a dismissal of the value of ad creativity generally) but it’s a nice idea… I find it heart-warming that even ad wankers can pull up their monochromatic American Apparel sleeves and do their bit.

Best of all – it’s a collection of interesting marketing ideas for some mega brands and some of them are awesome.

(The reason I know they’re awesome is because I immediately want to steal the ideas. Which I suppose is where the whole theft thing comes in, really.)


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