geotagging artworks

Art meets tech in a great Google Maps application:

Geocoded Art is a collection of world’s greatest landscape, cityscape and seascape paintings” – tagged according to the geographic co-ordinates of the stream/field/lake/etc involved.


4 thoughts on “geotagging artworks

  1. This app would combine well with the iPhone’s “Augmented Reality” app. AR can work out not only where you are, but which direction your iPhone is pointing. That means it knows when you’re pointing your camera at the Opera House, and will bring up a label and possibly a link to a Wikipedia page. Add Geocoded Art, and you’ll also be able to bring up paintings of Bennelong Point (eg, those ones from the 1800s). Because iPhones are so ubiquitous, landscapes will be seen by a LOT more people, which should increase demand and push the price up.

    But this also means that painting becomes a competitive sport, as artists try and paint the landscapes that no-one has done yet, in order to fill the geocoded art niche.

    I’m off to get a headstart on the competition, and paint an impressionist version of “The Busy Intersection Between Syd Einfeld Drive And Ocean Street”

  2. Love it…

    Awesome mental image of a rush of frothy-mouthed, hormone-fuelled artists stampeding over each other in the rush to capture a new angle in acrylics.

    But haviing said that, hey, you may as well ditch the acrylics bit and go entirely digital.

    Apparently the artist David Hockney has taken up painting on his iphone (using the Brushes application) and there’s an exhibition of his works currently travelling the world.

    Put the two together, and you’ve got galleryless gallery viewing of paintless paintings.

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