what if: let’s start a schadenfreude blog!

I discovered this site a few weeks ago, and immediately loved it. It was beautiful! Such refreshing positivity! Such innocent, hopeful optimism!

But by now it’s kind of starting to make my teeth hurt.

Which, in turn, puts me in a bad mood.

And that got me thinking. Enough of this positivity. Enough of the inspiring photographs. Enough of this relentless use of the word ‘awesome,’ damn it.

It’s time for some schadenfreude.

(Schadenfreude, for those too nice to be familiar with the concept: it’s a noun (German, from Schaden damage + Freude joy) meaning enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others.)

I’d like to start a Daily Dose of Schadenfreude blog. It’d provide a daily heart-warming story of grievous misfortune, that’s all. Simple. Single-minded. Truly warm and fuzzy.

But I’ve googled it, and there doesn’t seem to be anything out there filling this need.

The closest thing I could find was this. (Which really depends on how generously you define ‘troubles.’)


4 thoughts on “what if: let’s start a schadenfreude blog!

  1. Deborah, can I just say that I need to start carrying around a moleskine full of thoughts I have about your blog? Like today I was thinking about the hot waitress economic index (no joke, real measurement) and a bunch of other things that I have now forgotten. I’m going to start writing things down … 🙂

    1. Oh do please do Robin!

      I started this blog partially to alleviate the problem of random bits of paper with illegible scrawls floating around in my bag – but so far it’s only exascerbated it.

      And actually on that note I reckon the whole Moleskine phenomenon really deserves a blog post of its own (in a classy leatherbound font, preferably, written whilst wearing arty glasses in a faux-euro cafe).

      ps. ‘Hot Waitress Economic Index’? Do explain… sounds intriguing…

    1. Hey, true 🙂

      ‘Woman dives into creek to rescue her drowning moped.’ I feel better already.

      Unfortunately the gain in morale re personal life gets offset, I fear, by despair at the future of human intelligence generally, so i think the net effect is zero.

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