an alternative way of measuring the economic recovery

Thanks to Robin for this link to a cool idea, from Hugo Lindgren at The New Yorker.

It posits that

Hotness of waitress = inversely proportional to hotness of the economy

Interesting. It sort of assumes that the industries that hot women work in (modelling, acting, promotions) reflect the general economic climate, such that jobs in those industries fall during a downturn, making it necessary for those women to work elsewhere, in hospitality.

Is that the case?

More pertinently, though, how on earth do you measure hotness?

And does this only apply to waitresses?

What about hot waiters?


4 thoughts on “an alternative way of measuring the economic recovery

  1. If you want to measure hotness in a scientific way, take the waitress’s photo, and post it up on This is a website that invites the general public to rate people’s photoes for hotness by giving a mark out of ten. The more ratings, the more confident you can be about your true hotness.

    So to measure it accurately, get a random sample of waitress photoes posted to, and track hotness over time.


  2. funny, i’m not sure how scientific and authoritative it’s possible to assume hot or not is.
    there is suspicious correlation on that site between depth of cleavage and purported hotness. in fact, a totally linear correlation.
    and it’s REALLY not equal opportunity.
    where are the hot greek / pirate men?

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