what if: you documented the present according to what’s absent

The awesome blog Palaeofuture documents what it describes as “the future that never was” – the array of odd, prescient or profound predictions about the present, as seen from the past.

In 2010, for example, we really ought to be living in a ‘crazy dystopia’ in which women rule the world (according to the 1910 suffrage-era film Looking Forward.)

A flying car ought to have been well and truly airborne by last year.

And robots should have already been in every home for decades.

Browsing the site, I realized that in the context of palaeofutures, the present is defined by nothing more than the constant process of either disproving, or confirming, the past’s predictions.

In that sense, it’d be awesome if the daily newspaper documented not just what happened on any given day, but also what didn’t happen, though apparently was meant to.

Paleonews? It’d be interesting.


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