thinking is good for you

It’s official.

Thinking is good for you, according to the latest in brain science research.

The best way to keep a hold on your marbles through later life, scientists say, is to keep yourself mentally active earlier.

There are a few ways to do this, researchers say. You can learn a language. Do crosswords, sudoku. Start playing chess. Start playing the cello. Whatever is new and challenging and works for you.

Me, I like to collect ideas.

That’s what this site’s about.

It’s simply a catalogue of stuff that provokes, inspires, stimulates, challenges. Those kind of ideas so awesomely, exquisitely honed that they cut into your mind like a blade, or a needle, so the world after is forever slightly changed for you.

Some of the ideas on this site are from advertising, some are from design, some are just random. Most are things I’ve surreptitiously stolen from cleverer people than me.

And the rest are my own stray thoughts, looking for a home.

Please comment, challenge, debate, dismember as you will.

It’s all in the spirit of a healthy brain.

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